The Gamut Resolutions 100 Round Pistol Workout


The Gamut Resolutions 100 Round Pistol Workout

Coming from a tier 1 unit I never had to worry about getting ammo or range time. One thing I quickly realized once I retired is, wow…ammo is expensive and it’s not easy to get a lot of range time.  Based on that fact, I wanted to give you folks a 100 round pistol workout.  It is easy, cheap, and doesn’t take long. You can absolutely improve your skills by only shooting 100 rounds, as long as you are training the right way.  You need to go to the range every time with a plan, not just go to plink or have fun. Spend your time wisely and always give your training 110%.  If you do not go to the range with a plan, you can expect to stay at the same level of shooting until you start to put structure into your training.  Below is a range workout I use if I am only going to shoot 100 rounds.  Start the distance at 7 yards. Once you can do it from that distance keep moving it back.

Drill #1 – Immediate Action (30 rounds total)

Description:  Load your magazine with 10 dummy rounds.  Get on target and squeeze the trigger, click, slap the magazine, rack the pistol slide to eject the bad round (dummy round), get the sights back on target, and squeeze the trigger again.  Do this 10 times, until your magazine is empty.  I suggest doing 3 x 10 round magazines of this drill for a total of 30.

For the rest of the drills, draw from the holster if your range allows.  I recommend loading your magazines with only 10 rounds – this will give you the opportunity to think between magazines and make needed adjustments to your groups.

Drill #2 – Top Left 3 Inch Dot (20 rounds total)

From the holster – draw your pistol and drive it to the target as quickly as possible, then slow down and take 1 slow aim fire shot. Repeat 19 more times.  Make sure to re-acquire your target after each shot and be ready to take a second shot if needed.  The goal of this drill is to get all shots into the 3 inch circle.  Always take your time putting your pistol back in your holster, gunfights are not won by putting your gun in the holster quickly and this is where accidents happen!

Drill #3 – Top Right 3 Inch Dot (20 rounds total)

From the holster – draw your pistol and drive it to the target as quickly as possible, speed it up and try to make faster shots than the previous drill (use a shot timer).  It is absolutely acceptable to miss on these.  If you are missing more than 70%, slow it back down until you are getting good hits again.  Remember, once you have the accuracy down speed does save lives and this drill will help make you a faster shooter! 

Drill #4 – Center Square 2 controlled pairs, 2 controlled 3’s, and 2 controlled 5’s (20 rounds total)

From the holster – draw your pistol and drive it to the target as quickly as possible, take multiple shots.  The first set take two shots (do this twice), second set take three shots (do this twice for a total of 6 rounds), and for the last set take five shots (do this twice for a total of 10 rounds).  Believe me, one shot like in Hollywood…does not work!  You must be ready to take multiple shots until the threat is stopped.  Remember to get sight alignment/sight picture between every shot. Reacquire your target at the end of the last shot of every group.

Drill #5 – Bottom Left Dot (20 rounds total)

From your holster – draw your pistol, take one shot and do a magazine reload, back on target and take one more shot, then reacquire. Repeat 9 more times.  You can do this with either a speed or combat reload.   Watch the video below on why you only want one version of a reload.

This is a small section of the video and only shows magazine changes – you can purchase the entire Make Ready with Robert Keller: Proven Methods of the Pistol – here  

Drill #6 – Bottom Right Dot (last 20 rounds)

From the holster – repeat 20 slow aim fire shots just like you did on the top left dot.  You want to hit all of these in the 3 inch circle.  Always slow back down and focus on accuracy before you leave the range.


Here are a few pro-tips to think about before heading to the range:

Pro-tip #1 – The more holster draws you can get in one session is a huge benefit, which is why all of my drills come from the holster. 

Pro-tip #2 – If your range does not allow you to draw from the holster – start from the chest or low ready position. 

Pro-tip #3 – Make sure to reacquire your target after every shot – for 1 shot = 2 sight pictures, 2 shots = 3 sight pictures. 

Pro-tip #4 – The most common accident with pistols is re-holstering.  It is a MUST to look at your firearm and holster as you re-holster. It is NOT a race to get the gun back into the holster.

Let me know what you think about the pistol workout!

Download the target – here

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  1. This is what we need. Training like this seems to be lost to most shooters but drill the basics to perfection is the way. May not look sexy on the Gram but in a world with expensive and inaccessible ammo, this is the way to train. I will be running this next time I hit the range. This in conjuncture with the KO Drill can keep someone occupied eternally. Keep the gunfighter gospel coming Bob!

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