This training is a must for any law enforcement officer.

As a law enforcement officer for 20 plus years, I thought I was a good shooter. I never had any issues qualifying on the range and I had confidence that I could get the job done in a gun fight and survive a serious confrontation.

About a year ago I met Bob Keller and my view point on my shooting abilities changed. My eyes were opened up to a new way of thinking and training. No longer was I satisfied with my weapons handling ability, and this was as good thing. Within two days of training with Bob, my ability to shoot, and more importantly my ability to improve on my own, changed. My accuracy improved, my weapons handling skills were better, and my speed to target was quicker. All of this lead to a great sense of confidence that I will carry over into a gun fight, if that day comes. The skills I have learned from Bob are no doubt lifesaving skills.

Gamut Resolutions no frills back to the basic way of instruction is what is missing in much of law enforcement training today. In a real gun fight the “Hollywood Crap” goes out the window and instinct and training takes over. Bob offers the solid, basic, proven skills that have won countless guns fights. This training is a must for any law enforcement officer. Whether you are a SWAT operator, a patrol officer, or a gun carrying civilian, his classes should be a staple of your training environment.

I highly recommend any of his classes to anyone wanting to become the best shooter they can be.

Jason V

The instruction was the best I have ever received in over 30 years of training.

I just wanted to thank you for your article “A Commando’s Tale” on Bob. That article led me to Gamut Resolutions which ultimately led to Bob coming to California for an Operation Blue training for our department. The instruction was the best I have ever received in over 30 years of training. and that sentiment was shared by every participant.

The Operation Blue class was followed by a hosted class, as we could not accommodate everyone that wanted to attend the Operation Blue course. The hosted class was primarily range masters from neighboring agencies. Not only are they going to incorporate what they learned from Bob into their agency training, several shot his SOT signature rifle and have since reached out to SOT… Needless to say the training and the rifle were incredible and the buy in to the instructor, instruction and rifle by the attendees was complete.  One range master commented, “Paradigm shift…total redo of range concepts for the better.”

The host would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bob and Garrett for the SOT/Gamut Resolutions Robert Keller signature rifle. Flawless.

Since the hosted class, we have confirmed yet another intro to carbine and pistol course for still more officers we could not accommodate in the Operation Blue and hosted classes. The word of mouth from the first two has led to a number of calls from individual officers wanting to attend the next Bob Keller training. We are already working on scheduling a fourth class here in California.

Thank you for introducing us to Bob with your article. Our thanks to Bob for providing instruction to agencies around the country, even those that may not have the budget necessary to receive training of this caliber. Anyone considering a course from Bob should get it on the books ASAP. We are going to try and keep him busy in California for the foreseeable future.

With every good wish,

Jeff Laugero
City of Escalon 

I really enjoyed the class and the Bob’s emphasis on safety.

I really enjoyed the class and the Bob’s emphasis on safety.

I don’t know if Bob is into acronyms for marketing, but I thought of this based on what he emphasized in the class.


S.  Sight Picture
A.  Accurate
F.   Fast
E.  Experience

Safety seemed to be the overarching theme of the instruction. In this class I though I was going to wear out the safety on my AR.

Sight picture and accuracy fit into being safe also. In a defensive scenario we were taught to surgically shoot our target. Bob asked how careful we would be, shooting a threat, if we had a family member standing behind that threat. We were taught as a class how to accomplish that, (aim small, miss small, thousands of times). I felt through the personal instruction and the drills, I know what to work on and how to continue to improve.

Being fast was also stressed with the shot timer, but being fast when appropriate, such as in presenting to the target. Speed is needed without sacrificing safety and accuracy, but speed might also affect your own safety if that gun doesn’t come up fast enough to the threat. There was a definite feeling when the speed and accuracy came together. It was a little like a smooth golf swing.

Finally all the instruction is backed up with Bob’s real world experience. I honestly wished we lived in a world where violent encounters didn’t happen, but it is what it is. Bob’s experiences weren’t just theory or what if scenario’s.

I think anyone who handles guns should work to gain more experience with their firearm through training (with Bob) and practice.

There was so much good info, I could type for hours, but I can’t, because of the blisters from the damn safety selector.


Your training program is the best that I’ve seen. PERIOD.

I just wanted to say thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule and away from family to not only work with me, but also continue to provide such high class training for others.  Your training program is the best that I’ve seen.  PERIOD. Your Intro to Rifle and Pistol course is outstanding!  I keep telling people how your class is structured for all levels of shooters, and that it allows students to go at their own pace and shoot at their own level.  Furthermore, you are working hard in the course.  Students get hundreds of reps, shooting hundreds and hundreds of rounds.  That you are able to give everyone equal amount of time and feed back, watching them shoot, providing constructive criticism, and guiding the students to improve, is a testament to your work ethic, how much you care, and your ability as a teacher.  I felt like I had accomplished a ton and learned a lot after each day, and it gave me so much material I could take home and continue to practice.

I highly recommend your one-on-one course, and if anyone has the opportunity to take it, it’s a must!  With the exception of you moving your truck, I didn’t see you sit down once through the whole course.  You are completely involved and you have a knack for being able to catch the smallest details to offer improvements.  Bottom line, having you watch me shoot, and then critique me, allowed me to then go home, and understand what was happening when I shoot, so I can identify any issues and make improvements myself.  I have to say that Melissa and I are blown away by your professionalism, how approachable you are, and how hard you work.  No doubt that the training you’re providing is making a difference.

NM, Patrol Officer

I was 100% happy to be on the range and it improved my own skill set on draw and speed

Bob. Just wanted to say thanks for the best pistol course I’ve attended in my 20 year police career.  Your focus on the fundamentals and building of muscle memory are what every combat pistol course should be. Not necessarily “fun” but absolutely necessary. As a firearms instructor for my department, I will be incorporating many of the drills in our next range days. Despite the 110 degree heat index, I was 100% happy to be on the range and it improved my own skill set on draw and speed. I’m hoping to attend the carbine course in the future and pass that instruction on to our patrolman. Undoubtedly the course has, or will save officers lives in a critical incident and for that sir I thank you.

JG, Police Instructor

The calmness that I felt being much more confident

On Tuesday morning when I got back to work, I had to go deal with some legitimately crazy homeless guy that I have been getting complaints about for a few weeks.  When I started talking to him he immediately got confrontational with me. I told him to leave and then called the police. While waiting for about 10 minutes for cops to show up, this guy started circling me in the parking lot and threatening me while putting his hands in his pockets.

Having just taken your class, I felt way more confident that if he did something really stupid like pull a gun or a knife on me, that I would be able to get my pistol out and on target quickly and accurately.

I even thought to myself, “This guy is way bigger and closer than Bob’s 3″ dots!”  Draw, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger went through my head. Instead of feeling nervous that I might have to use my gun, I felt like this is why I take these classes. This is why I need to go to the range more.

The calmness that I felt being much more confident that I can get the gun out, hit the target, and not have a stray bullet go into somebody’s kitchen or bedroom or car driving down the street made the situation so much less stressful.

I want to thank you for that, Bob.


Gamut’s courses are an investment in you – sign up!

A colleague who is an LE Instructor recommended Gamut’s Intro Class.  I’ve taken a few courses, some advanced level, with multiple well regarded instructors and had doubts – “what could I possibly learn in another intro class”?  Once I researched who our instructor would be and his accomplishments, my doubt turned into enthusiasm.  I couldn’t wait for the day.  Not knowing what to expect, my mind got ahead of me – would someone with this level of expertise be able to effectively teach those of us that in perspective have “zero”?

Once show time arrived, my eyes were opened.  We began with a safety briefing that set the tone for the course – understanding, accountability, and trust.  The drills that followed were simple, yet showed us that under even a small amount of stress speed, repeatability, and accuracy are not to be taken for granted.  The course kept building upon those basic principles.  We did not hear the words “this is the way” – what earned my respect was “let me show you a way that I know works”.  Exercises were repeated enough to let you try a variety of techniques – it’s humbling to find that you’ve been doing something less efficiently for years, but equally exciting to develop a new & better way and see real time results.  I cannot speak highly enough of Bob as an instructor and a person – he is unquestionably qualified, methodical, approachable, fun, and knows how to run the pace and content of a class.  Both our gear and we were “smoked” by the end but we loved every minute of it.

My biggest takeaways were the resets that the course caused in bad habits reinforced during other training classes.  I developed new ways to think and train.  Gamut’s courses are an investment in you – sign up!
Rob P, Oct 2017

I give Bob Keller and Gamut Resolutions my highest recommendation and look forward to hosting more of his classes.

If you want the bottom line upfront… seek out a class with Bob Keller at Gamut Resolutions. I had the pleasure of hosting one of Bob’s classes (Intro to Tactical Carbine & Pistol) and before we were even finished with the first day, guys were telling me to schedule him for the next level class. I have shot and trained with most of the guys in the class, and while all were experienced shooters who have attending various training classes before, NO ONE felt the class was basic despite the perception one may have with an “Intro to…” class. In other words, the class instruction was extremely beneficial with no useless filler. I actually watched as one shooter improved substantially by the end of the second day. The rifle and pistol manipulation/mechanics drills and purpose-based instruction are geared toward one main goal which is most important in surviving a violent encounter… get up on the threat FAST and send that first critical shot ACCURATELY… then stay on your threat and engage until it has been eliminated. Bob’s personality and teaching style was better than one could ask for. Extremely approachable, articulate, and certainly not one of those “my way” or “who in the heck showed you that” type instructor. Bob carefully worked the group giving guidance and instruction where needed while pushing competent individuals to a higher level. Not an easy task for an instructor. As the SWAT Commander for a central FL Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, it is my responsibility to improve my skills and ensure the team members receive the best relevant firearms training possible. As a Firearms Instructor, it is my responsibility to adopt, master, and then teach results-oriented based techniques that are proven. Bob Keller’s instruction is just what he says it is in his videos… combat proven and not based on theory or theatrics. True statement. I give Bob Keller and Gamut Resolutions my highest recommendation and look forward to hosting more of his classes.

Lt. RA Capps

In all my courses I have taken (and I learn from each one), this one was at the top.

I would take Bob’s course again in a minute. A true quiet professional, but a lot of fun to be around once he sorted out the group. Bob Keller was very down to earth, sincere, discussed differences between military, LEO, and civilian reactions to different situations, answered questions, and in my estimation… honestly cared. We worked on mastering the basic come up (from low ready with rifle or from holster with pistol) and then built on that with more exercises and timer work. Based on what he said, he had been in a pile of gunfights, and his focus was on teaching what works as simply as possible – he said that is what makes the difference. He did do a great job of explaining what he does, why he does it, and how he continues to learn from others. Accuracy and speed on target is the basic building block – you can’t go forward until you have this down and gave us the tools/drills to work on it. BUT he often said, if you have something that really works for you. He wasn’t going to ‘make’ you do something different, just try it and then make up your own mind. Then, build enough repetitions over thousands of rounds of quality (not quantity) practice, to build the muscle/brain memory so it is an automatic response. From one who has done a lot of Adult education in my field, Bob is a natural teacher. This was his basic pistol/rifle course. As a civilian, I take at least one course per year to build skills, but in all my courses I have taken (and I learn from each one), this one was at the top. Looking forward to the next level… heck, I’d even retake this one given the chance.

JW Oct 2017

Bob is a true professional and brings real life situational training to another level.

What a great experience!  Bob is a true professional and brings real life situational training to another level.  His tremendous experience in SO makes the difference.  The training course is unique, simple and fundamentals focused,  which most “tactical” training courses lack.  You get what you pay for and Gamut Resolutions delivers results!

As real as it gets. I highly recommend this course to anyone at any level.

When I signed up for the pistol and carbine class, I was sure I would learn a lot about techniques and tactics during the two days of instruction.  What I didn’t anticipate was that I would be a totally different PERSON after the class.  I learned quickly what was most important, and it wasn’t the Hollywood BS that I’ve seen on TV or other online videos.  It was the stuff that I must practice relentlessly to keep me and the ones I love alive.  What an amazing two days!

The value in this course is that you don’t just get two days of intense instruction (which is part of it), but you get drills that you can take home and to the range that will make you much more likely to perform well when it’s needed most.  You get a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses, and what you need to be working on most.  Habits must be established.  If not, you won’t deal with any situation the way you think you will now.

Proven. Tested. Real?  As real as it gets.  I highly recommend this course to anyone at any level of experience with carbine or pistol. 

Eric R (Georgia)

You are a great instructor


Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help train a bunch of knuckle dragging police! It was definitely a pleasure! You are a great instructor and I really appreciate your laid back approach. With all of your knowledge and skills, the sacrifices you’ve made and things you’ve done, you have every right to be arrogant and cocky. But you are just the opposite. You are friendly, approachable and help make your students better prepared to handle whatever evil comes their way. 

SLED Surveillance & Intelligence Team 2

Bob has not only taken me to a higher level, I can see tremendous progress over a short period of time.

I have been training for over five years.  I started my training with a local instructor at the range where I train.  After a year getting proficient with the basics I moved to training at a facility in New Hampshire where I trained over a two year period with a former Navy Seal. I wanted to continue my training on a year round basis so I moved my instruction south to Sarasota Florida where I trained with a former Police Swat team leader.  I continued training over another two year period in Florida.  I met Bob Keller this past summer and decided to move my training with Bob. Bob’s training is very unique based on his background.  It is straight and simple and what works.  He teaches to successfully face a threat you need to accurately engage and be faster than the threat.  That is you must train to be faster and more accurate than the threat.  His teaching is based on his real life situations and by focusing on what works in these situations it builds confidence needed in case you are faced with a situation.  The teaching cuts away from the theory and focuses on repeating skills to build accuracy and speed. It is basic but by spending your training time on becoming proficient at speed and accuracy, I already see significant improvement in performing the drills in Bob’s program.  I had a number of instructors over a five year period as you can see but Bob has not only taken me to a higher level, I can see tremendous progress over a short period of time.  If you are looking to train in what works in the worst of situations, spent time training with Bob and your will see a big difference immediately. 

Mike R.

Business Consultant

I would highly recommend using Bob for training at whatever level you may be

I recently took a private 2-day tactical carbine and pistol course with Bob Keller. Having only taken a group one day course prior, and having little time on the range, I didn’t really know what to expect or what I needed to learn. I cannot say enough about how valuable the course was. Bob’s instruction and emphasis on the fundamentals (must haves) and safety of carbine and pistol shooting were perfect. After two days with Bob I now feel comfortable and confident handling and shooting. Bob’s Real World experience is so valuable and I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn from the best. I would highly recommend using Bob for training at whatever level you may be at and have already booked my next lesson.

Matthew Broyles

One of the best shooting courses I’ve attended in 21 years of law enforcement

I had the opportunity to take a two day shooting course with Rob at my PD last month and it was one of the best shooting courses I’ve attended in 21 years of law enforcement. Rob is a master at his craft and it shows in his instruction.  His attention to detail to make us better gun fighters was second to none. From beginning to end Rob pushed our well oiled machine to the limit and made us better. As a veteran LE patrol and SWAT instructor it was great to see Rob take the time with each and every one of us to make us better shooters. Rob presented a no nonsense course with real world results. Any of Rob’s shooting courses are a must have for any operator looking to step up their personal operator skills to the next level.

Rob thanks for taking the time and sharing your knowledge with us, we take it everyday out on Ops and it makes us better. You’re a B.A.M.F, stay safe, and see you soon!”


Outstanding course. Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and pushes each individual

We recently took a two-day carbine/pistol course with Bob. Despite the stifling weather, Bob maintained a high level of motivation and enthusiasm for the content he delivered. His professional experience speaks for itself and is apparent in the way he trains. A mastery of the basics is critical to competency in shooting and Bob is excellent in driving that point home. In a sea of celebrity trainers, it’s refreshing to go back to a nuts-and-bolts approach to survivability. I look forward to having an opportunity to train with him again in the near future.

Outstanding course. Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and pushes each individual to reach their maximum potential. Course is highly recommended.

If you want firearms and tactical training from one of the best our country has to offer, go to Gamut Resolutions.  Bob brings the highest level of real world combat experience to the training table.  He delivers a no BS approach to tactics and techniques that will keep you alive in a gunfight.  His course brought our shooting skills to a new level.  Thanks Bob.

If you need to fight and win with a carbine, you really need Bob!!!

Gamut Resolutions Two Day Introduction to tactical Carbine and Pistol Course:

I am not one to promote things. I believe in letting people be the judge. The results of any endeavor will always speak for themselves. If your intent is to win “then learn from winners”! This is my second class with Bob and Gamut Resolutions both classes have been exceptional! The course content only deals with what works in the real world. The class is fast paced with a lot of shooting and very entertaining. 

If you need to fight and win with a carbine, you really need Bob!!! Bob doesn’t fluff you. You will learn a skill and do it until it becomes reflexive. Bob teaches all of the Ninja Carbine secrets! Ask Bob a question about particular items/techniques he will tell you from first-hand experience what works!!! Someone who has been there literally hundreds of times!! When it comes to fighting with a carbine no-one alive, that will teach you of course has more experience putting bad guys in the dirt than Bob. Right now I am going to use an old Army Adage GET SOME! Again learn from the winners! 

Like I said in the beginning “The results of any endeavor will always speak for themselves”. Bob is in very high demand amongst those that take wining with weapons seriously!  
Good luck. You can try him here: www.gamutresolutions.com ask Bob about an upcoming Miami class, I am taking the next level carbine class in October. Small class, no BS and kick some brass!

Ask him about private classes. 

AJV owner Ghost Inc

I highly recommend Gamut resolutions

I recently took one of Gamut resolutions 2 day pistol and rifle courses. Mr. Keller gives great instruction and brings real world experience and proven techniques to improve your skill set for real life gun fights. I highly recommend Gamut resolutions for your training needs.

FL. LE officer

Your ability to diagnose problems and explain them clearly is just uncanny!

Great to be in touch with you.  I had intended to shoot you an e-mail earlier to say “thanks” for the really exceptional training and coaching during Sundays’ carbine course at Dave’s farm.  Your ability to diagnose problems and explain them clearly is just uncanny!  I’m telling you Bob, you are a talented teacher, and I hope you’ll keep doing this.  You certainly had me shooting (and thinking) better than I ever have with an AR. 

Thank you!

Best regards,

Truly superior in every way

I attended one of Gamut’s training sessions recently.  Bob Keller was my instructor and he is simply the best.  Prior to the class, I had very little experience handling a carbine rifle, basically I knew more or less how to point it.  That may sound easy, but there is more, much more to handling a rifle properly.  Bob instructed the class step, by step, how to do things the right way each and every time.  His superior intellect, combined with real world experience along with a great sense of humor, made the class informative and fun.  His system breaks down sophisticated, intensive movements, so they are easy to understand and apply every time you handle a rifle.  His positive feedback and unsurpassed knowledge leads the student to gain confidence and to get better at shooting a weapon each time you pull the trigger.  

I highly recommend taking a class from Gamut Resolutions, truly superior in every way.  You will be instructed by a true American hero, who served our nation on many deployments.  No matter what level shooter you are, Bob can hone your skills.  It is something I will do at least once a year from now on.  He is a great communicator and your life will be better getting to know him. 

Todd Barton

I’d recommend his courses to anyone who is serious about raising their shooting game

Bob Keller was our instructor for the tactical carbine section of a 2-day private class that I hosted at my farm in North Georgia in April, 2016.  I’ve taken many such courses in the past several years, with well-qualified instructors.  Bob is one of the best I’ve trained with. I wouldn’t settle for less at my private range; having shot with Bob in other settings, and being familiar with his distinguished military service, I knew he would be excellent when I asked him to teach the course.

Bob began with a first in my training experience that the students really appreciated: reviewing a well-researched medical plan, which included locations and transit times to local emergency facilities and how to use basic wound treatment materials in his med kit.  At an appropriate pace, we then progressed smoothly through the fundamentals to advanced drills, with helpful explanation of the reasoning behind the techniques he taught us.  Bob was not only extremely knowledgable, but also demonstrated a good instructor’s ability to balance patience with pushing students to improve their skills. I’d recommend his courses to anyone who is serious about raising their shooting game while also having a great time. 

Dave Money, Jasper, GA